PQStat is an application which enables users to carry out a statistical data analysis in a simple and accurate way

This is an entirely new product, a Polish one and in a Polish/English-language version. It has been especially created for beginning statisticians. Thus, the application is user-friendly. However, it is also such a useful tool for more demanding researchers, who appreciate accuracy and rapidity of calculations both for big and small samples.

Data analysis (support) tools created for the PQStat are traditional statistics used mainly in social, biomedical and technical researches. The basic statistics have been enriched with the newest algorithms that have enabled using so called exact solutions. This way, we have added the exact equivalents of the statistical tests based in the asymptotic distributions (large frequency distribution).
Optimalised calculation procedures enable users to carry out an analysis quickly, improving the level of exactness.

analizy wielokrotne kreator ograniczanie
tab. kontyngencji testy dokładne transformacja


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